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Image by James Lewis
Image by James Lewis

Initial recruiting assessment

Am I good enough to play college tennis?

This is one of the most common questions I get, and fortunately one that can usually be answered given the existence of metrics such as the Universal Tennis Rating system.  Using UTR data, it is possible to assess whether an athlete has the ability to be competitive in college tennis and, if so, at what level.  UTR data can also provide a roadmap for the amount of progress that an athlete needs to make in order to be able to play college tennis at a given level.  For families wondering about college tennis possibilities, DLM Coaching offers initial recruiting assessments [link] that can show players the types of schools they’d be able to play for, both based on their existing skill and with additional development. 

1 on 1 ConSULTING

Work with Danielle to create a recruiting plan tailored to you and your situation that will help you achieve your goals.  With over 15 years of college coaching experience, Danielle has invaluable knowledge to share on the recruiting process.  She can help you create your list of potential schools, learn how to effectively communicate with coaches,  and much more.

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