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Tactical and Technical Tennis Coaching

Using video of your practices and/or matches Danielle is able to provide technical and/or tactical and strategic coaching to junior players remotely.  Athletes are provided a written assessment with key takeaways and coaching suggestions on how make improvements in the areas discussed.  Zoom coaching is your chance to work one on one with Danielle from your own area.  

** Danielle also holds occasional in person training opportunities for those players she does Zoom coaching with remotely.  She is also available to travel to tournaments with players on a limited basis.


Mental Coaching

Improve and refine your mental game.  Sharpening focus, handling nerves, overcoming fear, facing adversity, and bouncing back from defeat are just some of the mental elements that athletes encounter.  Let's work together to tackle the mental challenges you're facing and take your game to the next level.  One-on-one coaching available for all sports.  


Leadership & Character Development

Character --> Process --> Results

Leadership and character skills are essential components to the achieving the athletic results you aspire to.  They are the intangible qualities that drive the process of improvement, which ultimately gives you the best chance of achieving your goals.  Let's work together to assess the current status of your leadership and character skills and then come up with a personalized plan to enhance them.  


Mental, Leadership and Character Training for Teams and Groups

Are you a team leader or group director that is interested in developing the "off court" skills of your athletes and/or coaching staff?  With over 15 years of college coaching experience, Danielle can design a program to meet the specific needs of your team(s) in order to help them reach their full potential as athletes.  We leave the X's and O's to you but help take your athletes to the next level in all of the intangible areas of performance.  



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